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Monday, April 28, 2008

The International League of Islamic Literature

If you are interested in Islamic literature, you may wish to learn more about the International League of Islamic Literature.

The objectives of this organization are:

1. Enhancement and highlighting old and present features of Islamic literature,

2. Establishment of the rules of Islamic literary criticism,

3. Formulation of a complete theory of Islamic literature,

4. Development of Islamic methodologies for modern literary arts,

5. Re-writing the history of Islamic literature pertaining to Muslim people literatures,

6. Collection of distinguished Islamic literary works and translating them into the languages of Muslim people and other international languages,

7. Giving due care to children literature,

8. Criticizing and shedding light on the negative aspects of deviating literary schools,

9. Reinforcement of the international aspect of Islamic literature,

10. Fostering relations and cooperation among Muslim men of letters and combining their efforts in accordance with a wise and moderate methodology,

11. Contributing in the upbringing of Muslim generations and formulating the Muslim personality dignified with their straightforward religion and great heritage,

12. Facilitating means of publication for the members of the League,

13. Defending the literary rights of the League and its members.

From the website: "Faith is the essential link among all members of the League fostered by literary relationships. It is considered a special link that keeps Muslim men of letters tied to one another and presents unity of principles and objectives they are committed to."


Zahra Youssry said...

I wrote about this organization today

Anonymous said...

If you are so keen on promoting "Islamic literature" (what a ludicrous concept - literature should be classified according to its quality and nothing else) perhaps you should make sure that the "International League of Islamic Literature" website is accessible: for the last couple of weeks there has been a warning that a visit of the site might damage your computer (how very fitting indeed).
Sincerely, J. (lover of good literature)

precisiontext said...

As-salamu Alaykum, Sr. Zahra, and thanks for leaving a comment. Where can we read your article?

precisiontext said...


Thank you for your comment as well. I do not know why the link is currently not working. Perhaps the site was hacked or is having other problems. In any case, I presume the link will work again once the organization is able to solve whatever issue it is having.

Regarding your other point (that literature should not be classified as Islamic), I am not sure I understand the objection. This classification is used so that people interested in this type of literature can find it. It is different than "Muslim authored" literature, which might be on any topic and not deal specifically with Islamic themes.

As for quality, every reader should decide for himself what constitutes quality literature. Just because a book has Islamic themes does not automatically make it quality literature.

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